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Rural Decay on the Great Plains

Updated: Feb 19

If you've seen some of my other postings, old farmhouses and barns are one of my favorite things to photograph. So much character and emotion in each and every one.

Some only have a few years left before they get recycled back into the earth. Like this one that collapsed in a 2019 winter storm.

Old barn in the winter under a setting sun.

Others are kind of spooky. The ones where if the walls could speak, I'm sure they'd have plenty of stories to tell.

But all too often, I wonder what they would have looked like when they were new. Many are located in remote areas that are mostly unpopulated, left abandoned in place, and rarely visited by the living.

Abandoned farmhouse in the winter with the moon in the sky.

When converted to black and white, the viewers attention can be focused on specific aspects of the photograph. I can hardly imagine living in such a place as shown below. Small, and maybe two windows. Imagine spending a Colorado winter in this old place.

All have seen many sunrises, sunsets, as seasons come and go. They have all bore witness to the wonderful skies of Colorado has to offer no matter the time of year.

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