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Photography - The Lone Tree

Updated: Jun 8

The lone tree, a field of grass, or a meadow. The minimalist scenes can offer a neat perspective and turn nothingness into something.

Many people I talk to say there is "nothing" out east in Colorado. I believe otherwise. There are some wonderful scenes on the Great Plains and the other Midwestern States.

I've trained my eye and my mind to ask, "Why is that there?". I look for things that are out of place.

Sometimes the out of place scenes are obvious. They just scream "Look at me!". Contrasting grey skies with a vividly green meadow. And then a touch of Mother Nature to top it off.

Or maybe a distant thunderstorm with a couple of trees that look as if they are an old married couple enjoying the evening.

Not only are trees the subject of interest, but so are cacti and other large brush. The Nevada desert has lots of Joshua Trees scattered about.

Below is a lone tree that has somehow figured out how to survive at a really high altitude where all other trees cannot.

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