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Photography - Old Windmills

Updated: Feb 17

Their numbers are dwindling, on the precipice of extinction. Replaced by newer, smaller and more efficient solar powered units, the old windmills that blanketed the plains for over a century are becoming harder and harder to find.

old windmill in thunderstorm

Through all the storms, winter blizzards, and torrential rains, some survived and continue to carry out their sole purpose in life; to pump water from deep underground so that other life can survive.

The landscapes are barren, void of any surface water. No lakes, ponds or rivers as far as the eye can see. Raising cattle or other large mammals in this area would be impossible without the windmill.

Old farm with an setting sun in the distance.

Although the Rocky Mountains can be seen in the distance, snow melt water congregates into only a few rivers the flow down from the higher elevations.

milky way and stars shine down upon a windmill at night

At night, a billion stars in unison cast their heavenly light upon the earth below. A chorus of illumination.

windmill under a stormy sky

old windmill at sunset

These days, the giant electric windmills are far more common on the eastern plans of Colorado. Hundreds are scattered about the hills in Calhan, CO. At night you can see the red light atop the each windmills mast blinking in unison.

Modern day giant windmill under an orage sky.

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