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Photography - Mountain Landscapes

Updated: Jun 3

The majestic yet rugged Rocky Mountains stretch over 3,000 miles from Canada, south to New Mexico. Of the top 100 highest peaks, 78 are in Colorado and 58 of them are over 14,000 feet in elevation.

Some of the peaks are smooth, without timber, and usually covered in snow for most of the year. Others are jagged, rough, and nearly vertical.

During certain times of the year, weather permitting, there are four mountain passes you can drive that will take you over 12,000 feet. They offer spectacular views, and it's not uncommon to still see snow on the shadow side of the mountains well into the summer months.

And when the paved asphalt roads turn to dirt, that doesn't mean stop. That means keep going. Along the way you are bound to find those areas that few travel.

For numerous generations, going back to the early settler days, people have braved the weather and harsh living conditions to call this place home. It's a little easier now than it was back then, but there are still remnants of the old life still scattered about the valleys.

But the one thing that hasn't changed are the views. They are still as magnificent as they were 150 years ago.

And the creeks and streams still fill with winter snow melt, weaving their way through the mountain terrain on their way to the mighty Colorado River.

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