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Photography - Leaves Changing Color

Updated: Feb 19

Within the United States, there are numerous areas that showcase vibrant leaf colors during the Fall season. Colorado is one of them.

And within Colorado, the tree most synonymous with Fall colors is the Aspen Tree. While the leaves are usually a shimmering gold hue, depending on the weather, they can sometimes turn orange and even red.

Aspen leaves changing color in the Fall

Kebler Pass is one of the areas most visited during Autumn in Colorado. There is a special spot along the dirt road leading into the pass where forest ferns change color at the same time as the Aspens. It's a sea of gold. If you catch it at just the right time, the sun's light spills through the forest.

Aspen trees with orange and yellow ferns on the forest floor.

Even at night, the moon's light can illuminate the golden leaves along a mountain side. And with enough luck, you can wish upon a shooting star.

Mountains at night with shooting star

There are other great spots to photograph the leaves changing, but it often means driving for long distances and at very high altitudes. You even reach heights where not much grows.

But if you press on, pockets of gold will reappear. And unlike the elusive impossible to get pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, the Aspens leaves can indeed be found and touched.

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