Scott Book | About

Photography provides an escape to the hectic and stressful world I live in. I'm an IT manager for a big defense contractor, work in a building with no windows, and often times don't see sunlight during normal work hours in the winter due to the shorter days. This is a huge driving motivation for me to get outdoors with every opportunity that presents itself. I often tell friends and family that I'm a computer engineer who only works on computers so I can get as far away from them as possible once I retire. Well, aside from photo editing, which is a heck of a lot more relaxing than ensuring $80 million in hardware stays running 24x7x365.


Because I'm mostly a landscape photographer looking for less common scenes, I often find myself in remote, less traveled areas. I'm deliberately trying to get lost on a dirt road a hundred miles away from any sizable town, and out of cell phone range. While some might fine this stressful, I find it quite relaxing. No computers. No traffic. No people ... and I'm outdoors! There's some really cool stuff out in the middle of "nowhere".


Many of the pictures you'll see on my site are of old farmhouses, barns and windmills. I'm very cautious not to trespass or upset a land owner, mostly because I don't want to get shot. People live in remote areas for a reason; they want to be left alone. The last thing they want is someone walking on their land without permission. I've been approached many times by folks and the first thing I do is wave, smile and show them my camera. Some turn around and walk away. Others are a bit more curious. The important thing is, I do everything I can to avoid confrontation. If they don't look pleased with my presence, I leave. While I do conceal carry, I don't ever want to have to use a firearm in self defense unless I have absolutely no other option. If I can leave (or run for that matter), I will, even though I'm on a public road. Just not worth it.