Scott Book Photography

Landscape Photography

From vast expanses to the microscopic, landscape photographs interact with the audience as if they were there.

Colorado is one of the most photogenic places one can visit in the United States. It possesses a wide variety of landscapes, from the large towering Rocky Mountains, to the endless horizon of the eastern plains.

US National Parks

There are 61 National Parks preserved in twenty-nine of the United States. California has the most with nine, followed by Alaska with eight, Utah with five, and Colorado with four.

Photographing the Parks is a dream of mine, and visiting the same park over and over again is an absolute must. The parks are transformed by the changing of the seasons providing numerous opportunities throughout the year.

Nature and Wildlife

The Earth is plentiful with an seemingly endless variety of plant and wildlife. Every ecosystem has a harmonic balance created by its inhabitants.

Night Photography

The night sky is filled with billions of stars, and photographing the Milky Way requires a special kind of dedication. The photographer must stay awake throughout the night and travel quite some distance to escape the light pollution created by big cities.

The moon light also provides for an interesting photo opportunity, as the light is a lot softer than sunlight and casts a softer and cooler color.

Old Farmhouses and Barns

All throughout Colorado are historic remnants of the early settlers who traveled great distances to settle new land. Some of their old houses and barns still stand today.

This is perhaps one of my most favorite things to photograph. If only the walls could speak, I'm sure they'd have many amazing stories to tell.

Black and White Photography

Some scenes are just meant for black and white. Without color to capture the viewers attention, the photographer must focus on texture, curves, contrast and shapes.

Windmill Photography

I love old windmills! And fortunately, there are tons of them scattered about Colorado. They can be found just about everywhere and come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Garden of the Gods

This State Park located in Colorado Springs deserves a gallery all to itself. Just like a National Park, it has an abundance of photo opportunities all throughout the year.

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